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Back from Idre

2007-08-07 07:50:20 by Frostbreath

Before i start i would just like to say OMG LEVELUP

So this last weekend i went to Idre, normally a skiing haven in wintertime, but it was pretty pleasant in summertime too. It wasn't all holidays, i was there on business, lol. Looks like i've gotten myself a member of the Swedish Bowling Federation, and we have to go to such places and eat lots of food and play Nintendo Wii on our room, etc. Got a high game of 243 btw.

In all, i didn't have to do much. It was best at saturday night when me and my pal snuck out with some soda and booze when everyone else were too drunk to notice, and we sat outside and just drunk and talked. Oh, how fun it is to play bowling :)

I'd post a picture, but i haven't uploaded them from my camera. Will do.

In other news, school starts in 13 days. God fucking damn.


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2007-08-13 02:12:18

Haha, you can be sure I won't retire from b/p any time soon, now that I've gotten this far. You should've stayed ahead of me when you had the chance. ;)

/comment unrelated

Frostbreath responds:

Life was too good. Life IS too good. Can't keep screwing around for much longer D;