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2007-07-24 09:42:31 by Frostbreath

I don't think i've hid the fact that i'm all crazy about bowling. But with the oh so old and dead bowling club in the c & c being... dead and old, i'm going to try and start a small discussion here. For example:


For me, it's 257.

P.S. my profile pic is me wearing my bowling outfit. I didn't do that well on that day :D
This other time i did though ;)



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2007-07-24 09:47:07

i love bowling, but i don't do that often...
my highest score was 111 :P...

I'm proud!!!

Frostbreath responds:

Hey that's not bad. Since i'm in the alley as often as i can, i've seen a lot of casual bowlers. And there aren't that many that break th 100 barrier, so you really should be proud ;)


2007-07-24 09:59:49

congratulations man :)! i dont know anything about bowling cause it isnt very pupular here in my country but it seens to be lot of fun :D

Frostbreath responds:

Thanks! Oh it's fun, but expensive if you're really going for it. I think i've spent almost 1,000 euros on it in total :P

I've won some back, but it's not worth mentioning :(


2007-07-24 10:55:48

you're a bastard, the best i can even get in wii bowling is 240 :( and i thought i was good at that!

Frostbreath responds:

Damn, i want a Wii :(

And getting a 240 IRL is really fucking hard.


2007-07-24 12:23:40

Like 81 =)

Frostbreath responds:

Well it's only a sport for bums and farts, amirite? :D


2007-07-24 15:20:11

Im terrible at bowling but ive always found bowling to be the one thing you can play badly and like still have a good time... i think my best was 120 once

Frostbreath responds:

Yeah, it isn't easy. And it isn't something you could practice very often (unless you're planning on making a career) like darts for example. it doesn't fit in your home. But it's a fun thing to do with your friends, like minigolf, or perhaps even going to the zoo. I don't think there's alot of people out there who think bowling is boring.

No shame in having a 120 as a best, i still roll 120 games. Not often, but it happens.


2007-07-24 15:49:08

I got up to 199 once. Heh.

Frostbreath responds:

That sucks dude :D Nice job though, you mere mortal people rarely get above 150 ;)


2007-07-24 15:53:28

Ive never even tried bowling. :(
Now how lame is that.

Frostbreath responds:

Well you've missed quite something.

But i guess now that i removed your triple post, you wont make an episode where BBQ plays bowling with ham and simon? SOWWY.


2007-07-24 16:31:28

Does Wii Bowling count? :$

Frostbreath responds:

Well not really, but you can still mention it if you want :D


2007-07-24 18:07:13

God damn, you've got more than 100 points than me in asingle 10-end game of 10 pin?!

My best is 156, I'll book some time to hit the lanes with my mates and work on bettering this!

Oh well, I've got some things I can do better than you... like sulk :P

Frostbreath responds:

Well, to tell you the truth, i don't think 257 is that goodof a high game. Going down to the lanes all week now and hopeflly, i'll beat it soon :P

And like i said before, getting 150+ amongst casual players is very good.

I'm sure you're better than me in more things than i'm better than you in. What's sulk? :D


2007-07-25 12:49:45

I've never bowled in a league, so the only bowling I do is with friends. The highest I've ever gotten is ~ 150.

Nice jacket :D

Frostbreath responds:

In Sweden we call 150 the retirement average :D

Thanks, it was on sale, hahahaha :S


2007-07-25 13:18:19

I do duckpin bowling, so its hard to compare.

One time I got 160. It was epic.

Frostbreath responds:

What, 160 on tenpin or duckpin?

And there isn't many people who knows that there are many different types of bowling (tenpin, duckpin, candlepin, etc.). They're all equally as fun to play, but i chose tenpin only beacuse it's the largest of the sports. I want to be famous >:(


2007-07-25 13:27:49

Just over 100, I pretty much suck at it :)

Frostbreath responds:

But thank god it's a sport where no matter how bad you play, it's still fun. It's like a poison, y'know? I can play really horribly sometimes (averaging 170 or lower, lol) and really go "THATS THE LAST TIME I EVER PLAYED BOWLING!!!".

And before i know it, i'm back on the lanes.


2007-07-25 14:15:41

That's sweet. I'm honestly not sure what my highest score was, since I've only been bowling once in the past, oh, 15 or 20 years or so, but it can't have been more than half of that. :)

Frostbreath responds:

You know one of the things that make bowling so great is that men and women can compete on the same level. In fact, most of the worlds greatest bowlers are women (Diandra Asbaty, Lynda Barnes, Britt Brondsted to name a few).


2007-07-25 22:42:11

My high game is 243. I swear, there was just the right amount of french fry grease on my fingertips and the right amount of cherry coke in my stomach that day.

Frostbreath responds:

Shit man that's awesome :D

Sometimes the pins just want to fall...


2007-07-26 06:45:08

But I'm the ultimate bowling-master! I would own your whole pathetic little bowling club!

Joke... 120 or so... The bad thing about bowling is that muscles and power mean almost nothing! XD

Frostbreath responds:

It's a mental game, which is what makes a skinny guy like me superior :D
As long i can keep my thumb from bleeding :(


2007-07-27 08:06:51

dude congradts and your hair look like the blond from queer eye 4 the str8 guy but its all good

"i am the pilot of the rotflcopter"

Frostbreath responds:

Is that a move or a tv-series? I didn't really have a blonde queer in mind when i went for that hairdo :S

Thanks anyway.


2007-07-27 17:41:09

Wii Bowling, 275.
REAL Bowling, 200.

Frostbreath responds:

Awesome. So is Wii like, easier or is it just beacuse you have alot more time to practice yuor Wii than IRL?


2007-07-27 21:40:57


With the gay walls.

Frostbreath responds:

60 feet to success


2007-07-27 23:27:26

119 , I'm shit at bowling. Also, stop trying to trick us into thinking you won that trophy!
You stole that trophy!

Congratulations on get 257 anyways

Frostbreath responds:


thanks btw


2007-08-01 21:24:45

Yeah baby, I love bowling - except I have to use the bumpers! I remember getting around 130 back in the day when I was like 12 years old or something like that. Booya.

Frostbreath responds:

With the bumpers and everything? Noooo...

Btw, since you're aussie and all, do you know who Jason Belmonte is?