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RDM-Stars RDM-Stars

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Not much advise can be given

But i'll try. This simple touch-for-win game is quite pale and boring. You could if you're feeling like it use PS or FW to enhance your graphics alot. Since there are no frame by frame work here, you don't have to put alot of effort into polishing the stars, bars and background.

Change the sound for when you touch to star to something less irritating. Add some inspiring music too.

But still, keep up the good work.

~ Frost

-=Avoider=- -=Avoider=-

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A nice game

Cute almost. Nice start screen with that retro touch, not much to do there though except start playing right away.
The game itself was very entertaining, starting off with a pretty low pace, with gradually getting more and more intense. After 100 it got really difficult and you really had to struggle each point passed.
Keep up the good work dude!

Oh, and i got a score of 171, but the score wouldn't submit.

~ Frost

LePussé du Game LePussé du Game

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


What a spinoff to all these ''collect the falling apples!'' games. I for one didn't think at all that it could be made like this. Great idea! I haven't seen the frst versoin, so won't be making a comparison.

It's very well drawn. I liked the amount of details there was on both the LePussé and the backgrounds. I even like the raindrops. Now, what would be even cooler if it was reasonably bright in the beginning with light rain, and then gradually getting darker along with heavier rain. There should defiantly be lightnings, and then some wind that might change the course of the rain. And then you'd ba able to switch angle of the umbrella to deflect all raindrops.

Cool music! Nothing really special about it, but at least it fits. And i for one absolutely love it when there's an original text popping up when you loose. Your message beats the hell out of ''game over''.

Hopefully, there will be a verson 3.0. Keep up the fantastic work!

~ Frost

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Peturo responds:

Hey Mate, thanks for the great review! There is Lightning, it just happens randomly 1/100 chance every second so maybe you didn't get to see it? I had Wind in the previous version which you could change with your keys so it was at the angle you wanted but I commented it out and forgot to put it back in :D as for the umbrella angle, thats a great idea! I might think of that if there is anouther version.


Fentruck Soundboard Fentruck Soundboard

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


I do agree with you on one point... he sure is one of the funnier characters in Doug.

But this isn't really a good soundboard. Sure, the sound quality is nice, but if you were going to use this as (for example) a prank call, the music in the background would ruin everything. So yeah, try to get rid of that. Let's move on to the visuals. The pictures were of por quality, and the button where very simple drawn.

I'd like it if you'd turn this into a larger scale - make a full Doug soundboard, with all the characters that have a somewhat large role. And try to make the buttons look a little more fancy. And alternativly, draw your own images, if you can't find pictures of good enough quality. teh edn.

~ Frost

wizardman responds:

Well, I got the background music out as best I could. One in particular is to the point where if I knock 1/100 second off then the sound gets cut off, even though there's some annoying sound at the end of it. I agree that the pics were bad, but there are zero pics of him on the web. A complete Doug soundboard might be a good idea though. Thanks for the review.

Command Post Command Post

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Oh sure.

Defiantly a game that can keep you entertained... for a limited and short period of time. Not exactly a revolutionary concept, but at least you sort of made it more original with the cool cannonballs, that showed the path from which it was going.

Okay then, graphics. Definatly not rubbish, though i can tell that you haven't spent many minutes on working on the details and such. The cannons were simply drawn, and so were the oranges, meteor and the city. Etcetra. Even the background. A lot of work can easily be squeezed into here.

As i said, it did look cool when you shot the warhead at the falling objects. I also find it neat that there was a delay time from which you clicked, and the missile exploded. Cool special weapons, too. What i didn't like was that the explosion did damage even after it had exploded. I.E. the meteors got hit by the expanding orange circle. But regardless of this, it looked better than the average income of games.

No sound? People won't be liking that. Beacuse whether you like it or not, music and sound effects are, and is going to play a huge role in games.

That pretty much covers it. be sure to fix the things that need more perfection made into it, and come back with a game above 3.00. I'd be pleased :)

~ Frost

BulletTime BulletTime

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


That granted me a fifth place on the highscore! Boyah! Had a best reaction time of 0.132, though i iddn't get that on the last try :(

A very nice reaction test game! It's got a very nice live or die sort of theme. Reaction always went well if a gun was involved. And the gun was drawn very nice here, too. Very realistic, and so was the shooting hand. The guy who got shot, who appearantly were yourself, was just a shade, but it was realistic even so. The whole eviroment, with a dark, gloomy ambience and the brick walls. Very underground-gangsta-ish. Made you think serious thoughts. And beacuse your life was on the line, you wanted to put on your serious face and really concentrate to the max. It actually made you try as if it was for real. Don't think i would've lived, even though if the sirqumstances were the same as the game, where you actually COULD dodge a bullet. I generally got around 0.15 - 0.16.

The bullet time thingie was very proffesionally coreagrofied. While the bullet was traveling through the air, you could see the score, which could give you an early sign if you were going to make it or not. And the bullet itself was magnificently drawn. I really, really liked it, with it's tail of light following it. I also noticed that if you looked at the exact right place, your reaction got noticably improved. or maybe it was just me, i dunno.

It wasn't any music or anything, just the gonshot and the shatering glass, or, in worst case, a splattering blood sound. Though the lack of music made the ambience even more deadly and serious than any form of music would've summon.

I'm glad there was an online version, too. I don't think i would've tried so hard if i wasn't competing against another person. An absolutely outstanding reaction game. Though a game like this don't usually have much content, so a seven would be the maximum i've ever given to a game of this genre. i'm very pleased with the outcome of this. Amazing work!

~ Frost

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Stick Fighter (arcade) Stick Fighter (arcade)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty good.

A medium challenging fighting game. It'll keep you entertained for a couple of minutes, if you want to learn that fireball move. And it was great that you decided to add a combo move, it makes the game fun for a longer period of time.

Okay, i'm no fan of stickmen, though you made them fight and it looked very nice. It took me a while to get this combo working, and i don't know how it is on american keyboards, but my ~ is quite far away from the numbers. But that's alright, i didn't need the weak punch to beat the game anyway.

Great music, it was a bit repetitive, but you didn't think about that. You just want to finish the game. The instructions was also very clear and easy to understand. It was made like in those olskool games i used to play. To bad it was such a boring, white backgrounds though. But at least that's easy to fix.

In all, a very nice game, with no glitches whatsoever, which i find impressive, judging by most games i see daily. A very nice one indeed.

~ Frost

Balloons Balloons

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Quite nice!

I found that way harder than i originally thought. Only scored 2600 :P

The animation was very much like the one found in ''Kitten Cannon'', though i'm sorry to say that this game didn't match up to that one, only beacuse this wasn't a game of luck, you had to be skillful. Though you could make it more entertaing if you threw yourself blindly at a direction that didn't currently have a ballon. Didn't make it everytime :) Oh, and the graphics were nice.

The sounds was of high quality, and so was the music, even though it got pretty repetitive after a while. You could've added an option which you could choose more songs from. Though the ''mjauuu'' was very effectful :)

In overall, a nice minigame that can keep you entertained for a couple of minutes, though nothing exactly spectacular.

~ Frost

Helpfile Helpfile

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is...

The most asskicking Flash tutorial, i've ever seen! It invovles so many things that i've tried to handle on my own, but failed. I've never heard of onion skin until now.

And the layout looked so professional! Like some giant cooperation made this. However, there was one thing i missed. Music. I've noticed how music does wonders to your score. I just wish the best for this submission :)

~ Frost

Ohls responds:

Well im remaking this "soon" maybe this winter.

Reason I didnt use music was becouse I wanted a low file size. And I personely think that they are quite annoying in tutorials.

Thanks for the nice rating =)

The Random Fact Generator The Random Fact Generator

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


I got an insta-save on this one. Man, i really like the save movie.

Now, this could've been done a lot better. To start with, you could've added a background that was something you'd gladly rest your eyes on. A screen with only one colour, isn't really something that meets my requirements. The buttons for changing fact or song, was also very sloppy made. The same goes with the text.

Good thing is, you added many songs to choose between, incase the viewer decided to check all the facts. Also ,the work you did ensembling all these facts, was an effort well done.

But that was also it. More work on the small details, and we'll get something.

~ Frost

Kirk-Cocaine responds:

lol, I like the use of "We'll" :D

Thanks for the ideas, I guess it's kind of sloppy. I spent about 2 days writting/finding facts but I did all the flash working this morning. I'll spend longer on it next time!