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-Wonderwall- -Wonderwall-

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is perfect. Although some might find the faster paced annoying, i don't. I love it, and it fits perfectly with the cute love theme this flash has.

Your version > Original.

I liked it how the lyrics appeared as the song went on in the beggining, enhancing the feeling of... love? Gah, i feel embaressed of saying it :P
And i for one am a huge fan of simple drawn flashes, with characters slightly more sophisticated than stick figures. Beacuse you don't really need more. Thumbs up for the battle scene :D

You could've edited out the kiss scene, although nicely animated, it may be too "cute" for some audiences. Something that could've stayed between you and your girlfriend i guess.

In all i loved this animation so much i favourited it. Really. I've watched and re-watched three times so far today, and will probably watch it many times more.

Keep up the good work. You rock! :)

~ Frost

Lochie responds:

Thank you very much FrostyBreathicles :D

And don't feel embarrassed about saying love.
I know I Love my girlfriend. :D

And well yes, Thank you very very much.
I tip my imfamous hat to you. :D

Daniel Gran Monster Geek Daniel Gran Monster Geek

Rated 5 / 5 stars


You are greatest geek. You and oliver >.<

Jag har protecktat 19 timmar i sträck nu. I'm not geek, if anyone asks, i'm really not. Happy klockans day

Also, nice background. 3'd

~ Frost

Andersson responds:

Hahaha, I could basicly been protecting since last night till now, but I've been sick so I felt like I needed to sleep instead. Also been out to take care of some business, so maybe I wouldn't been able to vote the whole day. But still, I wouldn't want to. More than 650 B/P points during Clock Day 2005 is enough for me.

Also, thanks for the review, the comment on my shy greatness (comment my news post, by the way) and good luck with getting more B/P points and your great bowling!

And surely, thanks for the vote!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


You didn't even motion tween, only fake motion tween but you ised frame by frame instead oh my god. You realise you could've saved soooo much time!

happy clock day

~ Frost

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RDM-Stars RDM-Stars

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Not much advise can be given

But i'll try. This simple touch-for-win game is quite pale and boring. You could if you're feeling like it use PS or FW to enhance your graphics alot. Since there are no frame by frame work here, you don't have to put alot of effort into polishing the stars, bars and background.

Change the sound for when you touch to star to something less irritating. Add some inspiring music too.

But still, keep up the good work.

~ Frost

-=Avoider=- -=Avoider=-

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A nice game

Cute almost. Nice start screen with that retro touch, not much to do there though except start playing right away.
The game itself was very entertaining, starting off with a pretty low pace, with gradually getting more and more intense. After 100 it got really difficult and you really had to struggle each point passed.
Keep up the good work dude!

Oh, and i got a score of 171, but the score wouldn't submit.

~ Frost

LePussé du Game LePussé du Game

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


What a spinoff to all these ''collect the falling apples!'' games. I for one didn't think at all that it could be made like this. Great idea! I haven't seen the frst versoin, so won't be making a comparison.

It's very well drawn. I liked the amount of details there was on both the LePussé and the backgrounds. I even like the raindrops. Now, what would be even cooler if it was reasonably bright in the beginning with light rain, and then gradually getting darker along with heavier rain. There should defiantly be lightnings, and then some wind that might change the course of the rain. And then you'd ba able to switch angle of the umbrella to deflect all raindrops.

Cool music! Nothing really special about it, but at least it fits. And i for one absolutely love it when there's an original text popping up when you loose. Your message beats the hell out of ''game over''.

Hopefully, there will be a verson 3.0. Keep up the fantastic work!

~ Frost

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Peturo responds:

Hey Mate, thanks for the great review! There is Lightning, it just happens randomly 1/100 chance every second so maybe you didn't get to see it? I had Wind in the previous version which you could change with your keys so it was at the angle you wanted but I commented it out and forgot to put it back in :D as for the umbrella angle, thats a great idea! I might think of that if there is anouther version.


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All Out (Edited Version) All Out (Edited Version)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Quite underrated

I like the simplicity of this song - It's clean, nice to listen to. I don't really care if all the tunes is pretty overused, as well as the melody. It's really great to just turn this song on and doing something else in the meantime. I don't think 12 dl's really reflect on how good this song really is. I mean, they're better than mine, even though mine all have 100+ dl's.

Great work.

~ Frost

czer323 - 4hours - Strings czer323 - 4hours - Strings

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This is one of my favourite loops on NG. It's so dramatic and i get filled with emotion each time. It's kinda like, before the final battle of epic proportions that just gets stronger, and stronger... and stronger! Until it reaches climax.

It's just as good as the revisited peice, only softer and fits in a movie more IMO. Great workm and keep it up!

~ Frost

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//Break It// //Break It//

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Don't worry about the beginning. I think it's good as it is. Infact, you shouldn't change it to anything else, since the way this song shifts from the start to the end could be described as... energizing, in a way.

This song can be used in a flash where people flee in panic and disorder, with the ten riders of the apocalypse chasing them. And halfway throughout the song, people around the main character would die in masses. And right at the end, he/she dies as well. Sorry, my mind got ahead of me. Great song, you should definalty keep at it.

~ Frost

caffeinerush responds:

Great review, thanks Frost. I like it when people get caried away like that, it proves its not just another song. lol